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Hello and welcome to our March newsletter

Hope this message finds you ready to embrace the freshness of spring! At NYCity Blinds, we’re all about helping you create a home that reflects the vibrant energy of the season. Check out what’s in store for you:
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Introducing Our Spring Collection:

Dive into a world of colors and patterns that scream springtime! Our curated collection of blinds, shades, and drapes is designed to add a touch of freshness to your space.

Customer Love!

Discover why our customers rave about NYCity Blinds. Realstories, real satisfaction. Check out our latest reviews and testimonials for a dose of inspiration.

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Pro Tips for a Spring Refresh

  • Lighten Up with Sheer Fabrics Swap out heavy curtains for sheer fabrics to let in more natural light. This simple change will instantly create an airy and refreshing atmosphere.
  • Bring Nature Indoors Incorporate indoor plants or fresh flowers near your windows. The combination of greenery and natural light will add a vibrant touch to your space.
  • Mix and Match Textures Play with different textures for your window treatments. Consider light linen shades or bamboo blinds to add depth and interest to you windows.
  • Roller Shades for a Clean Look Opt for roller shades for a sleek and contemporary appearance. They are easy to maintain, provide privacy, and can be paired with colorful accents for a pop of spring.
  • Layer with Light Curtains Layering is key for a cozy yet light feel. Add light-colored curtains over your blinds or shades to soften the look and create a warm ambiance.
  • Smart Motorization for Convenience Consider upgrading to smart motorized blinds for added convenience. Schedule them to open in the morning to welcome the sunlight and close in the evening for privacy.
  • Embrace Bold Patterns If you’re feeling adventurous, embrace bold patterns for your blinds or shades. Floral prints or geometric patterns can add a lively touch to your space
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Popular Spring Trends

This spring, window trends are embracing a blend of natural elements and modern functionality. Soft pastels and floral patterns are back, creating a timeless and refreshing aesthetic. The popularity of natural materials such as bamboo and rattan speaks to a desire for sustainable and eco-friendly choices.

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Why NY City Blinds?

From a trusted neighborhood boutique, we have grown to a significant tri-state company with two showrooms and a design staff that is focused on delivering the best products from the best NY City Blinds and satisfaction

We offer a wide selection of products manufactured at our workroom as well as partners with leading companies in the US such as Lutron, Somfy, Rollease Acmeda, Hunter Douglas, and more. Our products are all custom-made: shades, blinds, drapery, both manual and motorized with hundreds of materials and fabrics to choose from.

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Mototization Options

Discover a new level of convenience and elegance with our motorization options at NYCity Blinds. Effortlessly transform your living spaces with the touch of a button, enjoying the perfect blend of modern technology and timeless style. Explore a range of smart solutions designed to enhance privacy, light control, and overall comfort, tailored to elevate your home environment.

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We now offer finance options for our window treatments, making it easier for you to transform your space. Upgrade your home today with our stylish solutions, now with financing through Wisetack


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