Protect Your Home From UV Rays With Our Solar Shades

Solar shades, also known as sun shades are a great choice from NY City Blinds in New York. If you are looking for a window treatment that will provide protection from harmful UV rays and also stand in as an attractive, modern solution then solar shades might be the choice for you. If you're curious about your home, NY City Blinds is here to help you choose the best window treatment for your home. Let's learn a little!

How do Solar Shades Work?

Solar shades are made up of fabric with unique optical properties that are awesome at blocking light. The higher the ability for these shades to block light, the better they are at blocking heat and lowering your energy bills.

The tighter the weave of the fabric, the less light these shades will allow in. Shades like Hunter Douglas Screen Sun Shades offer high quality fabric options to reduce glare, light, sun, and provide UV protection.

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How do Solar Shades Work?

Solar Shades are sold based on the number of UV Rays they allow into your home. When you see "5% Openness" solar shades, that means the shade is blocking out 95% of UV Rays, while allowing 5% percent of UV rays in your home.
Solar window shades (also called sun-shades or screen shades) are roller shades crafted with a specially designed fabric that's woven just tight enough to protect against UV rays while still optimizing your views. Solar shades have an open weave fabric that allows light and air to pass through. During the day you can see out but passers-bys can't see in. However, at night the effect is reversed. If privacy is not a concern for you because you live in a remote area, solar shades might be a good fit for you.
Available at the following openness: 1% 3% 5% 10% 14% and light filtering.

Where Should i Install Them?

Screen shades don't provide the best privacy, so it's best to use them for windows where you don't mind people seeing inside. A light on in a room will give outsiders a view inside. We recommend Solar Shades for rooms like kitchens and living rooms where you can take advantage of its energy-saving qualities and enjoy a great view outside.

Top 10 Benefits of solar Shades

  • Sun Shades block UV Rays

    Newer solar shades can block up to 95% of nasty UV rays which will protect your family, furniture, wood decor, and floors. 

  • Good for the Environment

    Sun Shades increase energy efficiency by keeping your home less hot in the summer and reducing the flow of heat outside in the winter.

  • Lower your energy bills

    When installed correctly, Sun Shades boost your energy efficiency and lower your electricity/cooling costs.

  • Reduce Glare

    These shades are great for rooms where you don't want glare on your screens. Perfect for media rooms, theaters, offices, and living rooms. Never deal with a nasty glare on your screens again!

  • Outside View

    You can lower sun shades and still have a nice view if you have one. Solar shades reduce glare and block UV rays without eliminating your view as other blinds do.

  • Customization

    Sun Shades have tons of customization options. Choose between different colors and materials to suit your home décor. Besides that, you can select between different light-blocking options.

  • Easy Use

    Sun shades provide light without you ever having to fiddle with a cord. Solar shades are designed to be a passive window treatment solution - but you can still open and close them.

  • Motorized Solutions

    If you want to be able to control your solar shades will the press of a button, your sun shade window treatment can be motorized to provide a hands free solution

  • Lots of different styles

    With an array of fabrics, colors and sizes, our Solar shades can match with any modern living space.

  • Durability

    These shades are moisture and mold-resistant so they won't get nasty in kitchens or bathrooms. Wherever you put them, they'll last for years because they don't require a lot of opening and closing.


  • Sun Shades block UV Rays

    Newer solar shades can block up to 95% of nasty UV rays which will protect your family, furniture, wood decor, and floors.