Blackout Shades

BLACKOUT SHADES: It’s Better on The Dark Side

Whether you’re just trying to sleep better or protect your privacy, blackout blinds are the ultimate privacy solution. Depending on the type, room darkening shades can block up to 99% of the light filtering into a room from the sun or city lights.

Blackout shades provide the best in light-blocking no matter what room you’re looking to protect. NY City Blinds has experience installing:

  • Nursery Room Blackout Shades
  • Bedroom Blackout Shades
  • Media Room Blackout Blinds
blackout shades


Blackout shades, also known as room-darkening shades, provide almost complete darkness in a room. These shades are commonly used in bedrooms, media rooms, and other rooms that require restricted light.

Blackout shades are generally a single, thicker piece of opaque fabric made for blocking all incoming light. They can also be motorized with brands like Lutron, Somfy, Rollease, and Hunter Douglas to fit your lifestyle. 

No matter the brand you choose, you’re in control with a remote or wall switch. You can completely darken your bedroom at night, and program them to open later in the morning to get extra sleep on the weekends. 

Create your ideal space with many fabrics and patterns to choose from at NY City Blinds. Our large selection of trending fabrics and styles meet any current décor theme and add the ideal touch of color, tone, and texture.

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Blackout Blinds vs Room Darkening Shades

Blackout shades generally block 95-99% of the light from the outside when deployed. They are a great window treatment if you’re looking to sleep deeply or normalize a baby’s sleep schedule in the nursery room.

Room Darkening Blinds, on the other hand, usually block less than 95% of light. They’re a great solution if you’re looking for a darker, more private room without completely losing the benefits of some sunlight.


Function or Style: The many benefits of blackout shades and room darkening blinds

Did you know that blackout blinds can have benefits like reducing the temperature of a room?

Blackout cellular shades are the best solution we have for lowering the ambient temperature of a space that would normally be baking in the sun.


Customize your Blackout Blinds with NY City Blinds

Side channels: Side Channel is the optimal way of eliminating those frustrating light gaps at the bottom of your shades. Our Side Channels and Center Channels fit neatly into our Sill Channels, giving you the perfect corner every time!

Valance: Decorative Profile Valance is offered in a variety of styles and colors to enhance any décor and give a finished look to all window treatments. The decorative valance can be made in any width, by joining multiple pieces together.

Cornice: A cornice is a box-like wooden valance typically crafted from plywood, then covered with paint, wallpaper, or fabric and mounted to the wall above the window. Other cornices are carved from attractive wood and then stained to look good without needing paint or fabric coverings.

We offer blackout fabrics in the following styles:

  • Blackout roller shades
  • Blackout roman shades
  • Blackout silhouette shades
  • Blackout pirouette shades
  • Blackout honeycomb shades
  • Blackout Zebra shades
  • Blackout drapes