Electric Blinds for Manhattan, NY

Blinds are a great addition to any home, but you can receive even more benefits from your blinds when you choose motorized blinds from NY City Blinds. Our services give you accessible and easy-to-use blinds in Manhattan, NY.


Benefits of Motorized Blinds

Blinds in any form can save you money on heating and cooling costs. They also add a level of privacy to your home. However, motorized blinds give you even more. With electric blinds, you can enjoy:

  • More savings: You can schedule your blinds to open and close at any time. With this feature, you can optimize energy savings and save the furniture. You can set the blinds to let in natural light during optimal hours and keep heat or cold out when temperatures are extreme.
  • Increased safety: If you have children or pets in your home, strings that hang from your blinds can be dangerous. With motorized blinds, that worry is gone. The blinds are controlled by a remote, eliminating the safety hazard that cords can pose.
  • Greater convenience: Of course, the ease of use these blinds offer is a bonus. You can control the blinds from anywhere, meaning you can quickly close or open them if you want to see something outside or hide your home. They are also useful to help you sleep and wake up.

Electric blinds offer benefits that the whole family can enjoy. And they are easy to install in any home.


Reasons to Choose Us

NY City Blinds has over 10 years of experience, which means we know how to help you choose the best blinds for your needs. Our team can give you a free design consultation to make sure you’re happy with the blinds that you choose. Plus with our free installation services, you can feel confident about your decision to install motorized blinds.

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