Motorized Drapes



Curtains on tall windows or in a room with multiple windows can be difficult to open and close. NY City Blinds offers a convenient solution to this problem with electric curtains, available from the most trusted brands of window treatments.

Say goodbye to cords and strings that get tangled or are unreachable- motorized drapes operate with remote control, a wireless wall switch, or digitally from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Even the heaviest curtains will open and close with the touch of a button. Certain systems allow you to customize the speed as well as schedule the curtain position-for one individual or for several curtains-for different times of the day.

NY City Blinds has professional in-house electricians who will install and program the controls for your electric window treatments, whether it be a wall-mounted switch, remote control, or hard-wired motorization. They even patch and touch up paint so your wall looks just as perfect as it did before.

Electric curtains will add a fresh look and a convenient, energy-efficient way to control light and privacy in your home. With many fabrics and styles to choose from, we are sure to have what you're looking for to fit your style, whether it's entirely unique or traditional, vintage, or modern.

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Motorized drapes combine tailored simplicity and function with the convenience of motorized controls. NY City Blinds offers electric roller shades including woven, Roman, and blackout shades, available in dozens of patterns and materials.

Roller drapes are available in fabrics from sheer to completely opaque to provide privacy, sound insulation, and heat retention. If you want to protect furniture from harmful UV rays without sacrificing daylight or outdoor views, choose electric solar shades.

Control light and privacy from a remote, a wireless wall switch, or even from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Control one shade, an entire room, or your entire home with motorized drapes. Set different shade positions for different times of day to fit your schedule-program to darken your bedroom at night and open at sunrise. Shades that automatically adjust also make your home appear occupied when you're away, giving you peace of mind while on vacation. With no cord loops, electric roller shades also present a tailored look to any room you place them in.

NY City Blinds has professional in-house electricians to install and program your electric roller shades, including wiring, remote control, and wall switch installation, as well as patching and paint touch-ups. You'll have a fresh, modernized look for your home as well as the ability to control light and privacy from the touch of a button.

Save $$$ on Energy Bills

Motorized drapes save energy by automatically adjusting your shades to temperature, light levels, and seasons.

Our Motorized Curtains offer advanced technology to make sure you always get the best amount of light for any room. They lower and raise your shades automatically which blocks sunlight and will reduce your cooling costs.


Impressive Style

Motorized Curtains are designed to work automatically and with elegance. Style is combined with innovative technology to showcase your home space.


Convenience Saves Time

Managing your daylight shades on your own is a huge hassle. These shade systems with Motorized Drapes can be controlled with remotes, central smart systems, or computers to help you avoid reaching up to blinds that are hard to get to.


Privacy and Security

An electric curtains system can control all your shades with the touch of a button. With advanced security features, you won't have to worry about your shades while you're away. Lutron shades come with advanced features like "Away" where your shades can close with the touch of a button - shielding the inside of your home from view.


Control Glare for Good!

Electric Curtains can diffuse light and prevent that nasty wash-out effect you're used to seeing in your media room, office, or theatre. 


Block UV Light

UV light has been proven to damage your furniture, rugs, and wood surfaces. When you install a high quality motorized drapes system from NY City Blinds, you can reduce washing out your fabrics and even protect your family from harmful UV rays.