NYC Window Side Panels and Drapery

Our team is excited about finding you the perfect fabrics and styles.  A simple top treatment can add a bit of color to a room that would otherwise be boring, or a full dramatic set of drapes can become the centerpiece of a room.

Our designers are experts at listening to their clients to make sure they are getting exactly what is right for their homes.

Side panels/stationary panels are a super simple and affordable design solution that is perfect for your wallet and a GREAT way to get gorgeous fabrics into your home.

Both drapes and side panels are versatile. Our window treatments will change any space, instantly. From insulating, adding privacy, and creating visual illusions. Stationary drapery panels are draperies that stay still, don’t move around, and function all day long


Want to create magic with fabric!? We’d love to help you out. Do you have narrow or oddly-shaped windows? Then stationary side panels that are hung wider than your windows will create the illusion of height and width. Imagine how impressed your guests will be when they see your brand new installation.

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What are window side panels?

Side panels are exactly what they sound like, a side panel is displayed on the side of whatever transaction you are currently accessing. Stationary rod lengths, whether standard or decorative, should equal one-third of the window glass width. Install them anywhere from two inches above the top of the window frame to two inches below the bottom of the ceiling molding. Hanging them at the higher end of the range makes the ceiling appear higher. Side panels are used for decorative purposes only meaning they are not meant to open and close. Side drapery panels are typically hung on each side of a window or can also be hung in between multiple windows on a wall.

  • Drapes are customized fabric sheets that are designed to cover an entire window. They are adjustable and can open in different ways (like slide open). Types of drapes include: pinch pleat drapes, crown pleat drapes, inverted pleat drapes, rod pocket drapes, etc.
  • Side panels are stationary window treatments usually on the sides of your window. They are most commonly 20 inches or 40 inches wide.

How to choose between full curtains or window side panels

Full curtains have the ability to close all the way across your windows, but can stay open with each bunch of pleats on the sides of the window. Side panels will stay in place, stacked to the sides of the window.

Full Curtains

Full curtains are versatile and are probably the right choice if you’re not sure about what to choose. When your windows need the ability to be fully closed, we recommend installing a full curtain window treatment

Side Panels

Side panels, also known as stationery panels, will hold in place. We like to install them for homeowners who want to frame their window and add depth and style. You have a lot of options when it comes to customizing your side panels. Generally the fabrics are thin and sheer to let light through unobstructed. Side panels are mostly used for style, not function.