Ripple fold panels glide effortlessly across manual or motorized tracks with their soft ripple-like folds. Each panel is gently tailored, sized, and installed to have identically spaced folds to prevent flat areas. With their unique design, ripple fold draperies provide a uniform look. Ideal for residential and commercial properties. Tight folds create neat, uniform ripples that gently widen as they fall toward the floor, adding depth and texture.

Measuring and installation can be done by our professional and experienced staff. 

  1. First, the track or the rod are installed on a wall or ceiling. 
  2. The drapes are then snapped into the headings suspended under the track. This allows the curtains to glide smoothly from one side to the other while always perfectly positioned and spaced anywhere along the track. These drapes are an excellent choice because they are cost-effective, and last quite a while because they are handled less than others to adjust the position.
  • Available in manual or motorized operation
  • Install alone or with various styles of shades and blinds

Available styles

Ripple Fold Drapes vs Wave Fold Drapes

Ripple fold drapes are distinguished from wave fold drapes primarily by the fullness ratio - which is the distance between the folds in the drapes. In a ripple fold system, the curtains are prevented from pulling flat when closed. 

Ripple Fold Drapes vs Pinch Pleat Drapes

We recommend ripple fold drapes for a refined, complex look with affordable pricing. Pinch Pleat Drapes (also called french pleat drapes) are the simplest pleats available. They offer a very traditional look with an adjustable pin location when we install them. Pinch Pleat Drapes are a bit more of a basic look and have become more common over the years. Nonetheless, they are extremely affordable and come in many different types of fabric.

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Opening and Closing Ripple Fold Drapes

We have two options for opening/closing ripple fold curtains. Choose between baton or cord systems. Depending on the type of access you want for your drapes, we’ll help you choose what works best. This depends on furniture and features in your space that may block access. A baton will make it easy to open and close ripple fold drapes without the need to climb all over the furniture to get to it.


Master Carriers and Ripple Fold Drapes

A Master Carrier is a mechanism that holes your ripple fold drapes to the top of the window. When you pull on your baton, the master carrier will pull the drapes together.

We’ll help you choose which type of master carrier will work best for your windows. Overlap master carriers and butt-master carriers are the most common types offered.

Depending on whether you have blackout blinds, the overlap master carrier may be the best choice because it ensures the best coverage and light blocking. For style and looking nice, butt-master carriers offer better ripples.