Soundproof drapes

Block All Unnecessary Noise Using Our Soundproof Drapes

Soundproof drapes

Also known acoustic drapes, noise-blocking curtains, or noise-canceling curtains. Soundproof curtains are structured to absorb sound, enclosing the room and separating it from outside noise. These curtains are typically used in rooms where blocking outside and inside noise is paramount, such as in recording studios, bars and restaurants, bedrooms, and rooms that face a busy city street. Acoustic curtains are ideal for use in commercial spaces and apartment buildings to prevent sound from traveling, ensuring privacy. Some are also used inside apartments or other open spaces to serve as room dividing curtains.

Typically constructed from thick fabrics such as velvet or heavy cotton, these curtains are lined with at least two layers. They may be self-lined with the curtain material, or interlined with flannel, translucent, or blackout lining. Available in various colors and designs, acoustic curtains can be made in ripple fold, pinch pleat, grommet, and pocket rod drapery styles.

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  • Available in manual or motorized operation
  • Install alone or with various styles of shades and blinds

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soundproof drapes
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