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Block All Unnecessary Noise Using Our Soundproof Drapes

Noisy City, Quiet Home

Are you looking to reduce the noises coming into your home with soundproof drapes? 

Soundproof window coverings installed by NY City Blinds are perfect for getting a little peace and quiet. Whether it’s a noisy neighbor or an abundance of noise coming from the streets of New York, soundproof curtains are a welcome addition for a calmer life.


Also known as acoustic drapes, noise-blocking curtains, or noise-canceling curtains. Soundproof drapes are structured to absorb sound, enclosing the room and separating it from outside noise. 

These curtains are typically used in rooms where blocking outside and inside noise is paramount, such as in recording studios, bars and restaurants, bedrooms, and rooms that face a busy city street. Acoustic curtains are ideal for use in commercial spaces and apartment buildings to prevent sound from traveling, ensuring privacy. Some are also used inside apartments or other open spaces to serve as room dividing curtains.

Typically constructed from thick fabrics such as velvet or heavy cotton, these curtains are lined with at least two layers. They may be self-lined with the curtain material, or interlined with flannel, translucent, or blackout lining. Your soundproof drapes can be customized to your needs so you don’t need to compromise on natural light or aesthetics.

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  • Available in manual or motorized operation
  • Install alone or with various styles of shades and blinds

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Different types of Soundproof Drapes

Sound Reduction Drapes

Sound reduction drapes can help reduce the sound coming into a room and will help to keep a room free from noises that come from the outside.

This is especially important in a city like New York where the noises from the street are pretty much constant. 

Do you live in an area with disruptive weather, noisy crowds, or loud traffic? Sound reduction drapes are a great window treatment solution.

Sound Absorption Drapes

Sound absorption drapes are generally made of a type of material that will reduce the decibel level of sounds leaving a room.

So if you’re looking to reduce echoes or other noises from your own home or office, sound absorption drapes are a perfect choice.

Our clients use sound absorption drapes to preserve their privacy, especially in sensitive rooms like corporate offices or bedrooms.

Do Soundproof Drapes Work?

Soundproof drapes are incredibly useful for reducing noise. While they will not block 100% of the noise in all situations, many home and business owners have found some relief.

soundproof drapes
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Advantages of Soundproof Drapes

  • Soundproof drapes and curtains somewhat make up for poor insulation in newer homes, both in terms of noise and temperature
  • Soundproof curtains and drapes reduce echoing
  • Soundproof drapes can make a warm cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
  • Soundproof curtains are relatively inexpensive
  • Soundproof curtains have thick material that blocks light for increased privacy