Luminette Shades That Combine Style and Functionality

Luminette shades might be the perfect choice for your home refresh or improvement projects. If you’ve been thinking about refreshing your interior, you’ve come to the right place. Our sheer shades and luminette privacy sheers come in many styles and brands. One of the most popular is Hunter Douglas Luminette Privacy Sheers, which are customizable to your home and space.

Whatever you choose, NY City Blinds has many options to choose from and you shouldn’t tackle the challenge of finding the right shade for your space alone.

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What are Luminette Shades?

Luminette shades are vertical attachment blinds that are made to cover large, long windows (such as sliding doors). They are great for providing the light you need and privacy when you want it. Luminette Shades, also known as sheer shades, are the perfect choice for quick access to the outside world and letting in light without eliminating your privacy. 

Sheer shades rotate 180 degrees, letting you control the light to your preferences. The light level is totally in your control with just the flick of your wrist. Luminette shades can also be motorized, hooked up to electricity, and controlled with a remote so you don’t even have to move.

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Luminette Privacy Sheers prevent glaring light from spilling through large panes of glass. These sheers feature fabric vanes and vertical sheer panels that can open to illuminate a room or close for desired privacy. 

Our Luminette Privacy Sheers beautifully diffuse the light in your room for a bright, cheerful space. Perfect for large windows and sliding glass doors, this window treatment combines the soft romance of sheers with the drama of drapes. Plus, rotating fabric vanes give you 180 degrees of light control.

Luminette Shades are world-renowned for their ability to block UV light and protect the inside of your home.

  • Luminette Shades are affordable and easy to install
  • Luminette Shades can be customized to fit within the confines of any window space
  • Luminette Shades are perfect for large, open windows where sliding doors are found
  • Luminette Shades are available in many types of materials, colors, and styles

Luminette Privacy Sheers

Luminette Privacy sheers are well-suited to covering large windows for the peak of light filtering, rotating control at a price that won’t break your bank.

Luminette Sheers are available in a wide variety of fabrics, materials, colors, textures, and methods of control (including motorized luminette shades).

These shades perfectly complement a modern home and will go well with a wide variety of furnishing and decor styles.

Looking for Hunter Douglas Luminette Shades?

Hunter Douglas Sheer Shades are one of the most popular and affordable choices in window blinds. The panels are 3.5 inches wide and can cover a window up to 192 inches. When closed, these shades block up to 99% of light, protecting your family and furniture. Not only that, but Hunter Douglas Luminette Shades are super durable - lasting for years. When you call NY City Blinds looking for Hunter Douglas Luminette Shades, we’ll walk you through your purchase and help with the installation.