Just as their name implies, pocket rod curtains have a pocket, or channel, sewn into them through which the curtain rod is fed. This provides a completely uniform look, as well as a decorative fringe above the covered rod. It also helps to block more light from coming into the room. Usually, the inch or so of rod that protrudes on either end is a decorative finial. Pocket rod curtains can be made from virtually any fabric. sheer, blackout thermal, and acoustic fabrics are some of the variations available, making them ideal for any room.

  • Available in manual or motorized operation
  • Install alone or with various styles of shades and blinds

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Rod Pocket Drapes are perfect for any space!

Rod Pocket Drapes are among the most common and classic in hanging curtains. Curtains in the rod pocket style can be hung and changed out easily. They have a really nice and simple look that brings a casual air to any space in the house.

Rod Pocket Drapes work great with layered window coverings. The rod is hidden even when the curtain is open. NY City Blinds can also install sheers within the main panel to provide 2 options for light blocking. Sheers allow for privacy while also letting some of the sunlight into your home.

Some things to consider about Rod Pocket Curtains

You may want to ask yourself and your family how often they want to open and close their drapes. Rod Pocket Curtains are often a good choice for setting and forgetting, but they can be a little annoying if you are adjusting them a few times a day. If your window is really long, it may be difficult to reach the edge of the curtain to be able to open and close your drapes.

How NY City Blinds installs Rod Pocket Drapes

Rod pocket drapes have a rod that goes through the pocket on the backside of your curtains. We install a back tab backing that is super subtle and sleek. There are also tabs on the back of the curtain if you wish to change its orientation. The pocket is at the top that we run your curtain rod through.

Rod Pocket Drapes and Rod Pocket Valance

A valance is a cover that will hide our curtain rod even when the curtains are closed. Custom window treatments have made rod pocket valances less common but it is still something that we can provide.

Should I choose Rod Pocket Drapes?

There are a ton of curtain styles available and Rod Pocket Drapes are one of the most popular. Rod pocket curtains are also known as pole top curtains or less commonly - casement curtains. They’re a classy, timeless way to hang your drapes. Just like pinch pleat drapes, rod pocket drapes bunch together when you slide them. They can be tied off when open to provide an elegant look. Without a valance, rod pocket drapes may leave the bar exposed.

Rod pocket drapes, because of this, look even better with a valance or layered curtains. Sheer is a window treatment curtain that can be added in front of the rod pocket drapes to allow for some sunlight to enter the room while maintaining privacy.