Should all of your Window Treatments Match?

Window treatments are a part of home decor. If you have a pretty window, it can feel good to look at it if there is a window treatment in front of it. Sometimes you have many options, and it’s hard to pick just one. So, it gets confusing, but NY City Blinds has your back.
To get window treatments, you can choose something that will go with your walls, furniture, and other things for your home. You can’t just get something because it looks good at first. One thing’s for sure, matching your window treatments is worth considering. After all, they’re supposed to make your home appear even lovelier than it already is.

Blue Window Drapes in living room

What Counts as a Window Treatment?

Window treatment can be anything from:

drapes window treatment

It is any window covering that can, help block the sun and keep out unwanted light. Generally, it is any fabric or decorative panel used on an open window or door. Window treatment can include materials such as:
⦁ Metal
⦁ Fabric
⦁ Vinyl
⦁ Plastic
⦁ Wood

Most people think window treatments are only for large windows, but this is not true. They go well on small windows as well. Many homeowners like to use their small living room windows as part of their decorating scheme. There are numerous options for you if you want to make a small living room look bigger by adding some window treatment.

Do all your Window Treatments need to Match?

Whether all window treatments need to match is yes and no. It means that sometimes your curtains and blinds should match, and sometimes they don’t have to match. If you want a light-colored shade or blind, you should pair it with a dark-colored one. If you have light-colored drapes, you should use dark blinds or shades.
Window treatments don’t need to match when it comes to style, but they do need to complement one another in terms of color and texture. When buying window treatments for your home curtains, consider how much light you want inside your house. Select lighter-colored window coverings if you want the light to filter through your windows and like a softer decorative theme.

Why do your Window Treatments need to Coordinate?

Window treatments need to coordinate because they are a way to add color and style to a room, but they also need to go with the rest of your home. When you have a set of blinds that match your curtains, it helps give the illusion of uniformity and harmony. When you have curtains that match your blinds, it helps make your space feel more open and airy.
Furniture and decorative items follow the same rules. Even if you adore the color of a chair or sofa, if the color doesn’t go with other furnishings in your house, it will create an unattractive imbalance on many levels.

Living room in Contemporary style
Living room in Contemporary style. 3D images

Consider adding some artwork or accessories influenced by artwork, such as paintings or prints, if you want to add color without sacrificing any of these advantages. It will brighten the room without overpowering it with brightness.

Does it have to be the same material, or can it be Different materials that Coordinate?

Utilizing the same material for each piece of window treatment, or using several materials that complement one another, will allow you to coordinate your window coverings. Thankfully, each of these possibilities is entirely feasible.

Honeycomb shades
Honeycomb shades


It is good to mix up your window treatments but keep them related and consistent with the rest of your house. We at NY City Blinds look forward to working with you and helping design the perfect window treatments for your home.