Should all of your Window Treatments Match?

Blue Window Drapes in living room

Window treatments are a part of home decor. If you have a pretty window, it can feel good to look at it if there is a window treatment in front of it. Sometimes you have many options, and it’s hard to pick just one. So, it gets confusing, but NY City Blinds has your back.To…

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How Window Treatments Affect Home Sales

Many factors alter the value of a home, like a curb appeal, the shape of your roof, location, space, appliances, and a lot more. However, homeowners may fail to realize that there are little things like your window treatments that can increase the value of a home during a home sale.With the right window treatment,…

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The Top 15 Custom Curtains, Drapes, Shapes & Blinds in New York

New York Window Building

Blinds, Shades, Curtains, and Drapes, are the four main categories of window treatments. All four window treatment choices can be employed in various interior design schemes and spaces, but each has unique qualities. Most people frequently confuse curtains and drapes, yet there is a slight distinction between the two. The cloth panels that serve as…

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The Ultimate Guide to the Most Popular Types of Blinds in 2022

best window blinds 2022

Window blinds come in various designs and operate under numerous control schemes. A conventional window blind is constructed of numerous long, horizontal, or vertical slats of hard material, including wood, plastic, or metal, which are kept together by cords that pass through the blind slats. You can purchase blinds for your windows with this comprehensive…

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